About Us

Dice Renascent is a proudly indigenous owned and operated company. We are dedicated in our mission to make a difference in the lives of indigenous people through the implementation of training, mentoring and leadership.

We are relentless in our focus on safety and committed to a goal of zero harm to people, plant and environment. We strive to ensure all our work is carried out with minimal impact on the space and environment as well as the people that move within it. Dice Renascent are recognised for our commitment to our “can-do” approach to our tasks and service excellence in all areas of our operation. Our aim is to be Australia’s go-to provider of contracting services.

Our Mission

As a proudly indigenous business we strive to be a national leader specialising in all areas of construction, refurbishment, fit out and facilities maintenance. Our mission is to provide direct employment opportunities for all Australians with a strong focus on our indigenous people and business through the acquisition of state and federal government contracts and the private sector. Our goals include moderate growth, proven reliability and maximising opportunities to empower all.

Our Vision

At Dice Renascent we think of a country that provides equal opportunity for all, we work towards closing the gap, we look towards Indigenous Community Empowerment.

Our Values

Integrity. Accountability. Respect.